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Motorcycle Accidents

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For nearly two decades, the attorneys at Robins Cloud LLP have been obtaining successful and significant results for clients who have been the victims of serious accidents.

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If you or a loved one are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be facing expensive and extensive medical treatment and a long road to recovery. Having an experienced California personal injury attorney by your side can help you deal with insurance companies and the legal side of things to that you can focus on getting better.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle down the open road can give you a sense of freedom that you really can’t achieve any other way, especially because there is very little between you, the road, and the elements. The unfortunate truth is that with this freedom comes a high risk of accidents. Many of these accidents occurred because of driver error, driver distraction, and driver inexperience, or speeding and/or alcohol was involved.

Selecting a Motorcyle Accident Attorney

Selecting an attorney to represent you is often a difficult decision. An attorney that you choose must have the skill, knowledge, experience and staff support to effectively represent you. However, those things are not enough. You should feel a personal connection with the lawyer. Empathy and compassion is not something that can be taught in law school or be faked. When you discuss your claim with an attorney, you will know if that person is the right attorney for you.

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California Motorcycle Accident Causes and Other Statistics

In 2006, the University of Southern California conducted a study on the causes of motorcycle accidents. The study examined nine hundred motorcycle accidents that occurred in and around Los Angeles and analyzed several aspects of each accident. Additionally, the study observed about 3,600 reports from the same area of traffic accidents involving motorcycles. Some of the key findings from the report included:

  • About seventy-five percent of the motorcycle accidents also involved passenger or other motor vehicles. Of these motorcycle accidents, about sixty-seven percent occurred because the driver of the vehicle failed to see the motorcycle, or only saw the motorcycle when it was too late.
  • Only about twenty-five percent of the motorcycle accidents involved only the motorcycle, and usually in these accidents, the motorcycle collided with the road or an object.
  • The failure of motorcycle parts accounted for three percent of the motorcycle accidents. The most common cause of these accidents was a flat tire that made the driver lose control of the motorcycle.
  • In about sixty-six percent of single vehicle accidents that involved a motorcycle, the cause of the accident was driver error. The most common causes of these accidents included riding too fast and too wide on a curve, over-braking that resulted in a slide-out and fall, and under-cornering.
  • Most of the motorcycle accidents occurred at intersections and when the rider was only out for a short outing.


  • Those between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four were more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents, and women of all ages were at greater risk.
  • Motorcycle accidents typically resulted in the injury of the motorcycle driver or rider. Injuries occurred in about ninety-eight percent of motorcycle accidents where multiple vehicles were involved, and in ninety-six percent of accidents where only the motorcycle was involved. The majority of the injuries were serious.
  • Most of the fatal motorcycle accidents were those where the head or chest was injured in the accident. Helmets can help reduce the severity of head injuries.

While no accident is the same, and many different factors can cause or contribute to a motorcycle accident, these statistics are important and should be kept in mind when you decide to go out for a motorcycle ride. However, even if a motorcycle driver or rider does everything possible to try to prevent an accident or to minimize injuries, accidents, and serious injuries still do occur. Because of the nature of a motorcycle – the fact that there is nothing protecting you from the road or another vehicle, such as a roll bar or an airbag, or even a car door – injuries from a motorcycle accident are much more likely, and much more likely to be severe. One thing that motorcycle drivers and riders can do to reduce the likelihood of serious injury or death is to wear a helmet. In fact, California has a universal helmet law meaning that the law requires all riders to wear a helmet. So not only should California motorcycle drivers and riders wear helmets, they must wear a helmet.