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By keeping our workload small, we’re able to dedicate all our knowledge and resources to personal injury victims and those dealing with wrongful deaths of loved ones. We’re a formidable opponent in the courtroom, and we’re here with one common mission: getting our clients the compensation they deserve.

California Fires

Robins Cloud is actively involved in California Fire cases. Name partner Bill Robins serves as co-lead of the North Bay Fire cases, representing several hundred families against PG&E due to the fires last October in the North Bay.

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Asbestos exposure is often the cause of a rare type of cancer known as Mesothelioma. Proving who is responsible for a victim’s asbestos exposure can be very difficult. However, experienced California personal injury attorneys have significant experience with these cases and can work find those responsible, and make sure you receive the compensation you need.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents occur on a very frequent basis, and the injuries can range from minor to severe, and in some cases, a car accident can be fatal. In addition, accidents can also cause significant property damage. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, our California personal injury attorneys can help you obtain compensation for damages you may have sustained.

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Motorcycle Accidents

As unbelievable as it may seem, a large segment of American society still holds a negative view of mortorcyle riding and equate motorcylists with a gang subculture involving drugs and crime. Because of this negative stereotype, among other misconceptions, motorcyclists are routinely wrongly blamed and inadequately compensated for their injuries and damage to their motorcycles.

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Trucking Accidents

Accidents that involve large commercial trucks or tractor-trailers have been on the rise in recent years. It is no surprise that these accidents can cause serious, and even fatal injuries given that tractor-trailers are significantly bigger than passenger vehicles. Trucking companies have their own legal teams who are prepared and ready to fight against compensating you for your injuries.

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Defective Medical Devices

Defective and poorly designed medical devices can be dangerous, and they injure many Americans every year. Many medical devices are created or produced in order to help improve someone’s quality of life after an illness or injury.

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Dangerous Drugs

Large pharmaceutical companies do not always have your best interests in mind, especially when they are out to make a profit. This can result in drugs that are dangerous or defective due to lack of adequate testing, or falsifying research.

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Medical Malpractice

As a patient, doctors and other medical professionals and the hospitals and clinics where they work and practice owe you a duty and responsibility. They have a duty and responsibility to provide you with a high level of care that a reasonably skilled and competent medical professional, with a similar background and in the same medical community, would provide under similar circumstances.

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Nursing Home Abuse

Mistreatment and abuse of the elderly occur in a variety of ways including physical, mental, or sexual abuse, insurance fraud, and financial exploitation. The abuse can be the result of understaffed facilities, unkind healthcare providers, or untrustworthy financial custodians.

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If you have information or witnessed your employer causing danger to public health and safety or has violated laws or regulations, you may feel responsible to report it. A whistleblower is a person who reports a person or organization who has engaged in illicit activity. Do not worry because there are many state and federal laws in place to protect whistleblowers from employers who retaliate.

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Wrongful Death

If the negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing of another resulted in the tragic death of a loved one, you and your family may be facing significant expenses which you should not have to deal with when mourning the loss of a loved one. Our California wrongful death lawyers are here for you.

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