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Robins Cloud Representing Former NFL Players in NFL Concussion Settlement

Former NFL Players May Be Eligible to Participate in Settlement but Time is Limited

HOUSTON – (Dec. 4, 2015) – Robins Cloud, a leader in groundbreaking litigation that makes a national impact, is now assisting former NFL players suffering from serious health problems caused by concussions. In this unprecedented settlement, retired NFL players may be eligible to participate and, because the NFL concussion settlement has no cap, retired NFL players are eligible for additional compensation in the future if their condition becomes worse. Contact an NFL Concussion lawyer at Heard Robins to see if you can participate in the settlement.

Earlier this year, a federal district judge approved the NFL concussion settlement, which awards retired NFL players with serious neurological disorders up to $5 million each to assist with expensive medical bills and help provide for family members.

“Many former NFL players are now suffering from very serious health problems because of concussions inflicted while playing in the NFL,” said Bill Robins, partner at Robins Cloud. “These conditions will affect former players and their families for the rest of their lives. By participating in the NFL concussion settlement, these families have the opportunity to receive compensation that can help pay for expensive medical treatments.”

Even if a retired NFL player is deceased, family members may be able to participate in the NFL concussion settlement.

How can working with Robins Cloud help retired players and their families? Our focused NFL Concussion team will do the following:

  • Submit complex registration forms prior to deadlines
  • Provide Assistance in obtaining a diagnosis, baseline testing, evaluation and medical workup to help maximize monetary awards
  • Submit claims forms
  • Handle possible appeals
  • Assist in obtaining additional compensation if the retired player’s condition worsens

However, time is running out for retired players and their families. Once the appeal is final, players and family members have a limited amount of time to register with the settlement. If they do not file within this time period, they may lose the right to receive any compensation from the settlement.

To see if you can participate in the NFL concussion settlement, contact Robins Cloud at 855-778-7810 or visit our website here for more information.

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